Charlotte Guidolin has created art in various forms throughout her life and in 2002 transitioned to working with metal.  Completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design in 2004, with a major in Jewellery Design and Printmaking.  She has a style that is heavily influenced by natures forms and textures, transferring them as surface decoration onto metal by using techniques such as Rollprinting and Chasing.  With an endless botanical collection of grasses, leaves, pods, twigs and bark as a source of inspiration , Charlotte casts or embosses the delicate ‘pieces of nature’ into silver, preserving them leaving a fossil like impression.  A dirty process of working with tools and fire, it gives her great joy to create a refined and lasting art piece that is precious to the wearer with a connection to the natural world. ‘Once fragile is now preserved, fossilized.  A trace from the past, forever eternal’.
Charlotte pays close attention over production processes and chemicals used in her jewellery making,  minimising their return back into the environment.  Avoiding synthetic chemicals where possible, using non-toxic pickling and organic cleaning solutions in her studio to ensure this.  Continuously re-using and recycling silver off-cuts and remnants and sourcing recycled silver where possible minimising the demand for ‘newly mined silver’.  Outsourcing casting and other sublimating processes to local South Australian businesses close by, reducing the carbon footprint and supporting local.